3D cushions

Design cushions are essential elements to create cozy and aesthetically attractive atmospheres. It is a simple and quick way to revitalize the living room, the bedroom, the terrace or any other corner dedicated to relaxation. However, this is not always easy. Save the unit and the balance between them is as important as choosing appropriate colours, prints and shapes.

Design 3D cushion with shapes

They are very versatile pieces and when you decide to change style, they will be as easy as removing the case and place a new one. They are very comfortable in every way. Either style is the decoration of your house, if you want to add a touch of originality with such an important character piece, you can’t miss our selection of 3D shaped cushions. You can use them alone or with other models like the classic rectangular or squared cushions, in any case you will add a touch of unique and original style to your home decor.

In SuperStudio catalogue we have nearly 300 different models of cushion covers. Among them you will surely find the perfect design cushions for your home. Your home is synonymous with comfort. It is the place where you relieve the stress of your daily routine and rest. To do this properly, you should take care of all the details that increase your comfort and make you feel at ease. Cushions are a simple but versatile element, thanks to the myriad of styles, textures, colours and patterns available, they offer endless possibilities.

Decor with a 3D cushion with shapes

It's time to put the last touch to your home decor. There is nothing better than our 3D cushion with shapes, our most original cushions. The soft cotton filling has the same shape as the outer cover: the silhouette of tender puppies and funny animals. We have many models of 3D cushion: a penguin, a tiger lord, a beautiful leopard, a panda, a cute koala, a family of adorable puppies, etc. If you want to get a more dynamic and attractive result, we recommend combining different models.

Cushions are indispensable decoration accessories. They help define the style of a space. And besides, there's nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, and relax on the couch, in our favourite chair or bed, on a pile of soft cushions. Remember, this is your most personal choice. Design cushions are decisive in defining the character of a space.