Animal cushions

In this section we focus on animal cushions, which are the key element in the house of any nature lover. There is no better feeling than coming home and relax on the couch after a long working day, in our favourite chair or on the bed, accompanied by our faithful four-legged friends, tender puppies and funny pictures.

Animal cushions

Your home is the place that represents your interests and personality but is also synonymous with comfort. In any house can’t miss design cushions, a simple but at the same time versatile element, which undoubtedly increases your feeling of comfort. Thanks to the endless possibilities of colours, patterns, styles and textures available our cushion covers offer endless possibilities for all tastes.

Cushions are also an essential piece in any room decoration. If you like animals, in the catalogue of SuperStudio, among ours nearly 300 different models of cushion covers , you will find many perfect options for you: from photos of tender puppies printed on white background up to more abstract drawings of animals, through the cushions with 3D shapes and funniest drawings. We also have alphabet cushions, which surely will make the happiness of the youngest of the house, accompanying them in their learning.

Whatever the decor of your home is, surely in SuperStudio catalogue you will find all the perfect design cushions for your style. And if one day you decide to change the decor of your home it will be as easy as changing the cover with a new one.

The perfect combination of cushions

In this section we recall some basic rules to get a perfect decoration with cushions. Design cushions allows easily revitalize every corner of our house, helping to create aesthetically attractive and inviting atmospheres. But, once colours and patterns are chosen, remember that it is very important to strike a balance between all the elements because it is not always easy to choose how to combine them.

It is always better not to overdo, therefore we recommend using between three and five cushions, both for the bed and the couch. However, if the latter is a 3 seater one you can add up to 7 cushion, while if you have a L-shaped sofa, each side will be treated as if it were a different sofa. Usually you have to consider that cushions in odd numbers and combination of different shapes are visually more pleasing, for example by combining square or rectangular or 3D shaped cushions .

For the chairs we recommend using a single cushion, preferably in vertical position. Whereas if you have a bench, if in vintage style, you can use more cushions. Anyway it is a very personal choice, since design cushions are an essential piece in order to define the character of a space.