Wall decoration is the easiest way to change the style of any room, with minimal effort. Canvases, stickers, pictures and banderoles, can transform and renew completely the personality of a space by adding a touch of exclusive and personalized design.

Wall decoration with banderoles

When we place one of these elements, is very important to take always into account the combination of furniture with the other accessories in the room. In this section we introduce our selection of design banderoles, with which you can imbue with character the walls of your home or office and break the monotony of neutral tonal funds. In addition, you will solve the old problem: the lack of time. For this reason, in SuperStudio we dedicated a special selection to this very trendy object, available in drawings and colours suitable to any taste.

You can use them alone or combine them with other elements in order to decorate your walls. Our catalogue will offer in this sense a wide range of possibilities. We have canvases in one or three pieces and five pieces pyramid models of different sizes, which are arranged symmetrically. There are natural and urban landscapes, fruits, flowers, animals, etc. You can also decide for a more innovative option such as photo frames. Their structure halfway between a photograph and a painting is thinner than that of a normal picture. You can also combine them with vinyl, which are even easier to place because they don’t need nails or fasteners to hang it. You just have to stick the different parts on any smooth surface (a wall, a window or even a closet door). And when you want to change, it is very easy to place it anywhere else.

Our collection of Banderoles

The banderoles in our collection have an ideal size to complete the decor of any corner of your home. They are neither too small nor too large, but, however, they are striking. These decorative elements for walls provide an elegant combination of fonts and forms that convey a peaceful feeling. You can place them on the wall but also hang them from a shelf, a rack or other similar accessory. Besides, the day you want to change your home decor or you’re moving, they are very easy to store, since it is enough to roll them up and place them in a hard cardboard tube. Their materials, wood and canvas, are very resistant and, at the same time flexible. Choose your favorite design among our many models or dare to create a unique and original composition by combining different designs.