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Chair cushions

When defining a space, the details are just as important as the rest of the complements. Once you have chosen the furniture for a room to define a specific style, including those lovely design chairs, it may seem that we are done. And so it would be, but SuperStudio is always looking for something extra, and that is why we have added the chair cushions to our collection.

Chair Cushions

Our design chairs perfectly meet the requirements of comfort, functionality and design. But by adding a chair cushion we achieve to even go a bit further with regard to comfort. We believe that a space has to be “lived” and when we have the chairs where we love to sit on, chair cushions are very helpful to improve the comfort.

Chair Cushions, the Perfect Complement for Chairs

We have a choice of chair cushions, specifically made for our most emblematic chairs and they therefore have a perfect fit. It is the ideal complement for a TOWER chair in all its varieties, or the TEREK chair. The chair cushions not only stand out because of their colors, but also because they have a high density foam filling in order to provide additional comfort to your dining room chairs. The leatherette upholstery in white, black or light grey color offers an unmistakable style, and it also facilitates the cleaning of the cushions.

The chair cushions do not only bring an additional touch of elegance to your home, but they also give a sense of relaxation to an already comfortable chair. The cushions avoid the feeling of slowly sliding off the chair which may be uncomfortable, and provide the chair with a special warmth as a result of the used material. Use chair cushions for your design chairs and you will be surprised with the result. Available in many different finishes, which makes it easier to find the one that perfectly fits with your interior decoration.

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