Chalkboard designs are becoming increasingly fashionable, that object we never think that could leave the classroom, became a decorative element that adds personality and a very romantic and vintage air wherever placed.

Chalkboard designs

Chalkboard designs have multiple uses, as decorate walls, narrow areas, add romantic signs, teach to the youngest ones, use it as a calendar in the office, as a reminder in the hall, write recipes in the kitchen, organize with labels, etc.

Chalkboard designs, a world full of imagination

Decorative chalkboards are fashionable, are everywhere, in decor magazines, shops, restaurants or homes. Large, small, made vinyl to stick on the wall, magnetic, made fabric, to write with chalk or marker… They are an easy and cheap solution which gives a touch of joy to the house with endless decorative possibilities. An open wall for thought, ideas, messages and everything our imagination can offer us.

For children it is more than a fun surface where to paint and draw, besides a simple and original decor for their room and if we're wrong or we get tired we just have to erase.

In SuperStudio we have a wide collection of chalkboard designs for any taste: made of vinyl, to cover the wall or surface you want, adhesive, with calendars, magnetic, vintage, with comic shape, for jars, shaped like elephant, with Hello Kitty motifs, with wooden frame, with children's motifs, with cork box, multifunctionals, with cloth hangers, with included picture, double-sided, hanging, with house or cat shape. We are sure that among the many options available you'll find the chalkboard designs you like the most which will perfectly fit your needs.