Blackboard Wall Stickers

We already know that stickers with their many shapes, colours and styles are an excellent choice to decorate any room in your home, they also bring a very fresh and modern look and allow you to customize the spaces to the taste of each person. But now we present chalkboard stickers.

Chalkboard stickers

The slate is a material which seems couldn't leave the classroom but that is perfectly adapted to the different areas of the house and although, it is especially educational for children, it can also be for the enjoyment of adults being chalkboard stickers a brilliant choice for decoration.

Chalkboard stickers, don't forget anything

Chalkboard stickers allow you to write with chalk and just leave a message to your partner, that your guests leave a few written lines after dinner or something as simple as writing down the shopping list as we think it. This effect but much more beautiful and original is what you can achieve with vinyls slate.

Chalkboard stickers are so useful and can have as many uses as you can imagine, for instance in the entrance at home we can write down notes or urgent errands, in the office ideas that occur to us while we are working and in the dining room on the walls close to the telephone to jot down phone calls or numbers.

Or even for children, in their room chalkboard stickers are an excellent tool and one more toy to paint, write, draw, learn or study. It works like traditional blackboards, they can be placed anywhere and cleaned very easily.

In SuperStudio we have a collection of chalkboard stickers ideal to decorate in a very original way any room, with very funny designs where you can add anytime the message you want.