Children´s rugs

In our section of rugs, warmth and elegance are joined together. Surely you will have no difficulty in finding the most suitable model for your living room, your bedroom, your hall, your bathroom, the entrance of your home or your business, your hotel, etc. SuperStudio offers a wide selection of design rugs in different sizes, colours, prints, shapes and materials to dress your floors at home.

Children´s rugs

In this section we introduce a category or rugs that are essential in any home with children, that will transform even the smallest room into a perfect location for the children to play their games. These are the children´s rugs. Like any other accessory, in addition to its decorative appearance, it also combines a very important practical function providing children a place to play and have fun on the floor without getting cold during the winter months.

Design children´s rugs

The children´s rooms are probably the most fun and relaxed places in the house, it is the place where children spend most of their time playing but also a magical corner where adults become children again. Our children´s rugs are specially designed to form part of these daily games where the entire family, young and old, can participate. We have several models in different colours, sizes and materials to suit the requirements of any space.

It is also important to mention another important aspect of these carpets: they are very practical items that can be cleaned and dried very easiliy. This is especially important for items that are used a lot, like the children´s rugs, as they have to deal with the unbridled energy of the little ones when playing their games. Let yourself surprise by the original and fun designs of our rugs, adding a unique touch of style to the space.