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Side tables

Small, low, sober and yet so relevant: the side table. In this case it is very clear that size is not important. The dimensions are appropriate to enjoy having a cup of coffee, tea or soft drink with your friends or loved ones, gathered around the table. It has an important role as a meeting point so that you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon with a gratifying chat, sharing laughs and good times.

Side table

At SuperStudio we have a wide collection that covers different types of material, like wood, polypropylene, glass and even cork. There are also several shapes, structures and designs. There should be no limits to creativity, provided that it is guided by the need for beauty.

This variety corresponds to our desire for you to find the perfect model. Whatever the décor style of your home, bar, restaurant or café, you will certainly be able to find in our catalogue the side table that meets the requirements of your guests or customers.

A very stylish side table

This is what you will come upon when entering our section of side tables. Are you an unconditional fan of the design icons? In that case you can choose one of the Saarinen side tables. If your decoration has a more formal style, then the Eileen Gray could be a perfect option. For a retro style we recommend the Blow Up table designed by the Campana brothers, for the Italian brand Alessi. The original layout of the base of interlaced metal rods, simulates an explosion stopped in time. Unmistakable, and only suitable for the most daring ones.

If your favourite style is vintage, try the Wagon, inspired by the carts used to transport industry materials in the late 19th century. This table has wheels instead of legs, which makes it easy to move it from one place to another.

You will also find the perfect partner for the most popular summer chair, ideal for patios: the Mexico table. And other tables in minimalist style, like the Steel Box, a cube made of stainless steel, very resistant, providing an irresistible futuristic look.

And then there are trolleys. Original and fascinating pieces like the Dama or the Toki console, an eye-catcher because of its sinuous and apparently impossible curves. Some are able to surprise you and make you smile, for example the Champagne coffee table, that imitates the shape of a champagne cork; or the Ilsión table that resembles a floating tablecloth, made of glass, resulting in an incomparable visual lightness.

We could continue, but we believe that it is time for you to discover for yourself all the possibilities of our catalogue.

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