Comic Cushions

Give your home joy with our selection of comic cushions. First of all, your home has to be comfortable because it is the place where you take out the daily stress. To rest with absolute comfort you have to take care of all the little details. In the catalogue of SuperStudio we dispose of almost 300 models of different cushion covers that enable us to create combinations of styles, colours, textures and patterns. Besides, cushions are a simple and very versatile element.

Comic cushions

Regardless of the predominating colour shades and any home decoration style (classical, modern, minimalist, baroque, pop, sixties) in our selection you will find design cushions according to your taste for sure. They will be ideal to add a funny and vivid touch to your home decoration.

Our selection of funny cushions begins with more classical designs and includes even pop and hip designs of comic superheros, humanized animals, letters, names and phrases, famous persons and their caricatures or coloured skulls. We recommend you to play with the combination of different forms, sizes and models to achieve a doubtlessly more interesting result. Besides, cushions are very comfortable and practical accessories and enable you to change the style with such an ease that you just have to take off the cover and to re-cover the cushion with a new one.

The favourites for the lovers of comic cushions

If your passion are the comic superheros, here you can find the perfect section for you. Our original and coloured cushion covers will fascinate and accompany you adding a touch of special design to any home corner, no matter if it is on the bed or on the sofa. Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Flash and a lot of others are waiting for you. That’s why you should start to immerse yourself in our selection and choose your favourite or your favourites.

If it is your objective to create a pleasant and at the same time aesthetically very attractive atmosphere, design cushions are your essential ally. It is the easiest form to revitalise your living, sleeping room or terrace and to create some pleasant corner that are made for relaxing. It is not always easy to achieve good results and sometimes it is very important to know to choose well the colours and patterns to maintain a good balance between the different room elements.

We are sure that among the infinite possibilities that the catalogue of SuperStudio offers you you will find the ideal combination to add this special touch of character you have been searching for your home providing at the same time a very personal and original touch.