Coat Racks

We all know that wall racks are so useful and practical in any home but what if we take a step further and place some contemporary coat hook which besides fulfill its role and be more than a series of brackets or hooks attached to the wall with screws would became a decorative and distinguishing element of your home? SuperStudio knows very well how to help you.

Contemporary coat hooks

Some contemporary coat hooks have the shape of a strip of wood or a metal bar usually with a shape or pattern upon which are placed some supports. Sometimes it the bar may be fixed to the wall orm in other cases, supports should be hung individually.

This multipurpose accessory allows you to hang any kind of garment, key, hat, scarf, towels, bags, umbrellas, hangers, and so on. Contemporary coat hooks are the ideal solution in those entrances where we don't have a lot of space but we want to add a plus of design. Another strategic place in the children's room or the sink, where they are suitable for children to have everything at hand.

Contemporary coat hooks, all at your fingertips/h2>

In SuperStudio we have a wide collection of contemporary coat hooks with a very attractive design which ranges from the most sophisticated models with wooden drawers, wooden slats with different shapes and patterns with a vintage air, up to those with more fun and colorful children's motifs.

Contemporary coat hooks usually were placed in discrete locations such as behind doors where they were not visible since they were an item with a single function, keep thing in order. But with ours contemporary coat hooks you will surely want everyone to see it and decorate your home. They can shine not only in drawing rooms, but also in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, studios, meeting rooms and waiting rooms. Order your home quickly with contemporary coat hooks, they are no longer just a practical and functional accessory but also a perfect decorative ally.

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