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Design cushions are an essential piece in any home. Your home is the place where you relieve the stress of your daily routine and rest. Home is synonymous with comfort and, therefore, we have to take care of all the details that increase our comfort at home. Decorative cushions are a simple but at the same time versatile element. Thanks to the multitude of styles, textures, colours and patterns available, they offer immense possibilities. In SuperStudio catalogue we have nearly 300 different models of cushion covers.

Quote cushions

Never mind that your home decor is classic, modern, minimalist, baroque, pop or 60s; or dominated by ochre tones, pastels, intense or very contrasting colours, in total white or grey. Surely you will find the design cushions perfects for you. And when you decide to change style, it will be as easy as removing the cover and place a new one. The cushions are comfortable accessories in every way.

In this section we focus on quote cushions. We have many models in different sizes, with endless messages, from the most romantic to the most fun and daring, so you can find the quote that best fits with you. They are also an excellent gift for our loved ones on a special occasion or to brighten their day with a nice phrase, besides being very comfortable and practical.

There is no better feeling than coming back home after a long working day, and relax on the couch, in our favourite chair or on the bed. Cushions increase the overall feeling of comfort but they are also decorative elements essential to define the style of any room. There are endless possibilities, since it is possible to combine this type of cushions in any environment.

Decorate with design cushions: recommendations

Design cushions are a simple way to revitalize the living room, the bedroom, the terrace or any other corner dedicated to relaxation. They also help to create cozy and aesthetically very attractive atmospheres. However, it is not always easy to choose how to combine them. Once chosen colours and patterns, it is also very important to keep the unity and the balance between all of them.

Depending on where you want to place them, the number and the format may be different. Above the bed, for example, it is always best not exceed. The ideal number is between three and five cushions. You can play mixing neutral colours that combine well with your quilt, or with bold prints. The same rules also apply to the couch. The amount depends on the size. If you have a two seater sofa, we suggest using between three and five cushions. If you have a three seater sofa, you can get up to seven. While if it is L-shaped, you have to think about each side as if it were a different sofa. Remember that odd numbers of cushions are always visually pleasing and you can also combine different shapes, for instance combining square and rectangular cushions.

Use a single cushion for chairs, better if upright. If you have a bank, if it is modern, one or two cushions are enough, since it is better to let the furniture visible. However you can use more elements, if you have a wooden bench, in rustic or Shabby Chic.

In any case remember that this is a very personal choice. Design cushions are critical to define the character of a space.

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