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Vases and figureheads

Decorative bowls are among the most pampered pieces in interior decoration. Details are very important for the definition of the character of a space. And one of SuperStudio decorative bowls, placed on a table, n an auxiliary cabinet or on a shelf, can add an unique touch to the environment.

Decorative bowls

Our catalog includes the most ingenious creations of renowned Italian firms, as Alessi or Guzzini, of renowned designers, as the Campana brothers, and the original models currently available in the market. An example of this is the Cadena Mágica bottle rack. It is shaped like a chain that seems to wrap around the neck of the held wine bottle. Actually, its shape is designed to distribute the weight properly in order to hold a full bottle of wine, although this seems to float in the air. Of course, it will delight your guests. You'll also find unique vases as the Intanto model, elegantly linking a metal support made of smooth lines rods, with a subtle glass container. Or the versatile Rubber vase, that can serve both as flower vase or pencil-holder. And the Orizzonte flower vase, with its deluxe air provided by the golden tincture which fades as it reaches the top. The variety of decorative bowls is endless, both in shape and size, and in the materials used, from glass to steel, up to industrial plastics or rubber. For this reason, they are a complement very easy to combine with all kinds of furniture, modern, classic or rustic.

Decorative bowls to revitalize spaces

Our decorative bowls not only give you the opportunity to care for the style of a stay up to the last detail. But they also offer the opportunity to introduce a piece of nature in any place, acting like flower vases: roses, carnations, tulips, orchids… And not only flowers, you can also try with evergreen branches or bushes. It's a quick and easy way to revitalize that corner of your house a little forgotten or dull. With a small gesture, you add freshness and create a very cozy atmosphere, thanks to the natural fragrances released by vegetation. Choose plants with tonalities combining with the rest of the environment to intensify the effect of colors at first sight. It is not surprising that decorative bowls become an effective and versatile resource in decoration. For their aesthetic qualities, as a figurehead or table centerpiece, and the ability to interact with life serving as a base for plants and flowers. Now you just have to discover our selection of decorative bowls with unbeatable prices, to decide the final touch for your home.

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