Decorative clocks

Wall decorative clocks besides fulfilling their mission of placing ourselves in the time, have a very important decorative component from which it is very easy to take advantage, in addition of this they couldn'te more trendy and more fashionable.

Decorative clocks

No matter the style of decorative clocks, ancient or modern, they can become the focal point of a room by themselves. Decorative clocks always inspired romanticism providing a point of warmth to the whole the decor. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that measuring time we evoke memories of our past or we dream imagining how future is going to be.

Decorative clocks to decorate your wall

Big sized decorative clocks are shocking and if combined with vintage furniture they result in a very original aspect. Combining several clocks of different sizes distributed throughout a wall you can create a very sophisticated mural effect. You can also incorporate frames or mirror in this combination.

Another option would be to create a composition with different clocks ticking the hours of different countries as wotking as a single image of the whole. We recommend placing decorative clocks at the entrance or in the hall since according to Feng Shui they active elements and accelerate energy as long as they are working. Do not forget that we can also use decorative clocks to decorate outdoor spaces.

Now that you know how to use decorative clocks to decorate your home, SuperStudio presents its collection with very diverse and current styles: in weathered wooden vintage style, in renewed classical style, in adhesive vinyl with original forms, for children with drawings, more colorful, with elaborate designs or sophisticated motifs. Remember that decorative clocks besides ticking time with style provide a very important design touch to your home.

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