Decorative panels

If we want to decorate the walls in a very original way we don’t have to place pictures or paintings, but a much more effective method that allows us to create design walls. This solution is decorative panels, with them we can create the most powerful combinations we can imagine. Besides decorative panels introduce a 3d texture to our walls at home or in our business providing a very modern and sophisticated touch.

Decorative panels

We just have to place one or more decorative panels forming the combination that we like to give a complete turn to the decor of any space. In SuperStudio we love the way in which the decorative panel completely transforms a space, we recommend even make combinations between different models for a contemporary style with a personal and unique design. Besides, they are a very practical element because they are ideal to cover unsolvable damage on the wall surface and improve sound insulation.

Decorative panels to create unique designs

Decorative panels are very easy to install, it has a 3D surface with a perfect repetition of patterns. It is light weighted and has geometric patterns such as circles, squares, or like pads. In gold or silver, they provide a vibrant colour wherever they are placed. The design combined with selected surfaces and intelligent accessories turns decorative panels into a key component of a modern ideal piece for your home or business, which is consistent with the current demand for innovation in decoration and design.

Use Wall decorative panels to create a design space, providing you home, office or shop with a more attractive aspect. Innovate with them and saw the wall with your personal touch. They are ideal to decorate the wall of a living room, a hall, a room or restaurant business, hairdresser, etc. We promise you'll love the result.