Decorative wall stickers

Decorative wall stickers are a good option to provide our home with a distinctive touch. Their infinite model options converts them into ideal elements for any audience type and their great versatility makes them ideal for any home zone: the dining, living room, bedroom, entrance, corridor and even the bathroom.

Decorative wall stickers

In SuperStudio we are fascinated by design and our products are considered as original elements that with only a few details can transform even the most minimal room. A clever decoration use can transform a hall into a room with a lot of personality and play an essential role for the style definition of a house in a few instants.

Thanks to its easy application and to its versatility we are fascinated by the decorative wall stickers and we have prepared an adequate collection for any ambience in your home as well as for any taste – from the most classical up to the most daring designs. Prepare yourself to give joy to your rooms with this decorative, trendy option and you will see how changes the look of your home.

Use of the decorative wall stickers

In SuperStudio we help you to decorate your home in the easiest way. If you have a room that seems boring to you and you want to provide it with a touch of vitality or you miss some element that adds some kind of style, you only have to choose the model you like best, the application is very simple and the change effects are immediate. With only a few gestures you will gain an extra portion of design in your home.

Decorating your home has never been so easy. The decorative wall stickers are an ideal decoration solution for all the rooms where we don’t want to make too many decoration efforts or for the ones we only dispose of a few resources or that consist of reduced size. Besides, their application is absolutely easy because you only have to choose the zone and stick them onto the wall. It’s just that simple.

In a few minutes you will transform a dull, styleless room into a modern space full of design. You can choose between a lot of different models, from the practical design wall stickers in form of a board on which you can write down the important things to not forget them, up to the stickers with phrases, funny figures for the bathroom or children’s prints.