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Design Classics Lamps

The design classics lamps are a fundamental piece in every decoration, whether at home or a catering establishment. The lighting is responsible for making the most of the rest of the furniture in a space. It is always recommendable to take maximum advantage of the natural daylight, although artificial lighting is equally important.

The perfect design lamp creates several light points to highlight specific areas in the space. The pendant lamps are excellent to illuminate the dining table; the table lamps are key to add a stylish touch to a bedside table in the bedroom; and we definitely must not forget the kitchen lamps.

SuperStudio has created a collecton inspired on iconic works of the best designers in history. Good illumination is very important, but we must not forget another essential aspect: the design of the lamp. Besides, thanks to our daily offers, it is now easier than every before to get thedesign lamps of your dreams.

Design classics lamps for each room

Before anything else, it is essential to find out which room of the house needs a light source. Every design lamp has a different function and it is therefore important to know which they are. Pendant lamps are the most appropriate lamps for dining tables and even corridors. A pendant lamp doesn´t occupy much space and it projects the light directly where it is needed.

The table lamps are completely versatile. They are highly appropriate to illuminate and revitalize a corner of your home or establishment. Place the table lamp on your bedside table, the hall or use it as a decorative item on a shelving unit or bookcase. And what to think of a kitchen lamp to prepare your favourite dish with the finest lighting? The design lamps open a world of possibilities, that no other decorative accessory achieves.

Models inspired by historic design lamps

In SuperStudio you will find design lamps based on works that have marked the history of interior decoration. A clear example hereof you will see in our Extension, Cooper orBit collections. These lamps are not only incredibly stylish, they also fill a space with a remarkable vintage air.

All of our design lamps models are completely different. If you are looking to create a very chic contrast, the Cooper lamp is the key. Its gloss finish in several colours (copper, gold or silver) will dress your spaces effortlessly. The Extension collection consists of different models of design lamps: wall lights, floor lamps or ceiling lamps. They all have one thing in common: simple and straight lines, with a balance between small gold details and the finish in neutral colours. The Bit lamps, on the other hand, are real eye catchers. This collection is made up of three different pendant lamp models. Its gold inside and the curved shape of the lampshade, make these pieces one of the most demanded design lamps. Take a look at our selection of design lamps and pick your favourite model at the best price.

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