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Design cushions are essential in any house. Your home is synonymous with comfort. It is the place where you unload the stress of daily routine and rest. To do this properly, you have to take care of all the details that improve your comfort. A simple but at the same time versatile element, which offers immense possibilities, thanks to the myriad of styles, textures, colors and patterns available. In SuperStudio catalog we have nearly 300 different models of cushion covers.

Design cushions

Never mind if your home decor is classic, modern, minimalist, baroque, pop, 60s; whether is dominated by ocher or pastels tones, intense or very contrasting colors, total white or grayscale colors. You'll surely find design cushions perfectly suitable for you. Our cushion covers range from classic drawings, with geometrical patterns, flags, pictures of cities, of actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, up to more pop design, as comic superheroes or humanized animals, like that cat which reminds us Truman Capote, or the dog curiously familiar with Frida Kahlo, Ketih Haring's collages and graffiti, Andy Warhol or Daniel Mackie paintings, letters game, or a series of very colorful skulls, inspired by the celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Combining different models, you will get a more interesting result. And when you decide to change style, it will be as easy as removing the cover and place a new one. Cushions are comfortable accessories in every way.

Tips for decorating with design cushions

Design cushions help to create cozy and aesthetically very attractive atmospheres. They are a simple way to revitalize your dining room, bedroom, terrace or any other corner dedicated to relax. However, it is not always easy to do. Keep unity and balance between all the elements is as important as choosing colors and prints. On the bed, you shouldn't exaggerate. The ideal number is between three and five cushions. Blend neutral colors that match with the duvet, with bold prints. Follow the same rules for the sofa. Quantity depends on size. If you have a two-seater sofa, use between three and five cushions. If you have a three-seater sofa, you can get up to seven. If it is L-shaped, think of each side as if it were a different sofa. Odd numbers of cushions are always visually more pleasing. And also the combination of different shapes, such as mixing square and rectangular cushions. For the chairs, use just one cushion, in vertical position. If you have a bench, it depends of its style. If modern, one or two coushions are enough. Let the furniture visible. If it is made of wood, in rustic or Shabby Chic style, you can use more. And remember, this is your most personal choice. Design cushions are critical when you have to define the character of a space.

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