In this section of design furniture you will find those elements that often go unnoticed, but which are fundamental to top off the style of any room: shelves, drawers, jewelers, headboards, bed frames, etc. Any professional or decoration lover knows that they are as important as the rest of furniture.

Design furniture

In SuperStudio we are aware that the tables, chairs, sofas and lamps are the darlings of interior design. Nevertheless, when conceiving the style of a specific space, everything matters. From the biggest to the smallest things, we can't forget any detail. We are not talking about accessories such as paintings, vases or magazine racks, which are also relevant. Here we deal with those pieces of design furniture, which definitely, are the ones which add a distinctive touch to any environment. Shelves are actually storage spaces with fine taste. They are the ideal place to develop our creativity and place our personal items so that they form an aesthetic visual composition. Besides, the biggest ones, are very useful to divide the space. In this way, we can use the same room for different uses, creating well separated visually different areas. We have models made of glass, which provide a pleasant feeling of lightness, of steel, pieces of sober Nordic elegance or Japanese inspiration, made of wood, and a whole collection of industrial vintage models, which combines harmoniously wood and metal.

Design furniture for any space

Another notable element in design furniture are drawers. Functional, practical and perfect to provide an air of sophistication to your studio, office or living room. Especially, with those that are reviews of classic creations as Caliel or Grus models, or some that have become avant-garde design icons as the Bender drawer. Headboards and bed frames, on their side, add a touch of extra comfort in your bedroom. The fluffy texture brings relief, and you can play with the type of fabric or leather of the upholstery, combining it with the environment. And about jewwllers, we have them in many shapes and sizes, even with mirror for the most flirtatious ones, so that you'll surely find the perfect model for you. Take advantage of our discounts and choose that piece of furniture design that will add the final touch to the decor of your home or working place.

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