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In SuperStudio we never talk about just lamps; we talk about decorative lighting. Each piece is unique, in terms of shape, functionality, and options.

Lamps in all kinds of styles

We offer our clients a wide selection of models, in order to provide the best solution for everyone. So in our catalogue your will find: pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, office lighting, wall lights and original led or vintage bulbs that may also be used separately, without lampshade.

A wide experience in interior design projects, has made us conscious of the importance of the light distribution in a room. The decorative lighting is not just a matter of choosing lamps with an attractive aspect and combine them with the environment. This selection is also fundamental, but equally decisive is the layout of light points. Every lamp provides a different light intensity, more direct or more diffused. A correct placement of the lighting may revitalize dark corners, create a warm or cold atmosphere, and it even allows us to play with the natural light flow. There are as many alternatives as there are rooms to decorate: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, receptions, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Tradition and modernity in all types of lamps

SuperStudio has a wide variety of models available in different sizes, shapes and styles , traditional and modern ones, made of common materials like steel or glass, but also of more innovative materials like silica gel, fibre glass or even wood. Many of these pieces are avant-garde design icons, that last over time, beyond trends and fashions. For instance, the Over or Samantha pendant lamp, the New floor lamp or the Guio table lamp.

Many designers, mostly architects, have directed their efforts to the conception of original design lamps. In this creation process, special attention is usually dedicated to the visual character of the piece. And this is why they know better than anyone, the impact that lighting has on the composition of a space. It must be well-lit, but if we achieve to this in a discrete way, the result will be much more harmonious. Finally, the objective is that lamps or wall lights are not just simple light sources. If they are noticeable, for instance because of the beautiful lines, a style intention exists that goes beyond its mere functionality. This is what decorative lighting means. And this is what we do in SuperStudio.

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