Decorative lighting

The illuminated letters are trend in home décor. This surely has to do with its irresistible vintage look, its clear industrial character but also because they contribute to create a warm atmosphere. Whatever the reason, it speaks for itself that they have become one of the hottest trends in interior design.

Illuminated letters

In our section creative lighting you will find many options with regard to size, colours, materials and combinations. Made of plastic or metal. In white, red or with a beautiful vintage distressed finish. There are single letters, or complete words. There are declarations of love, symbols like @, stars, arrows or even a hipster moustache. You will also come across flamingos, cactuses and many more decorative figures. Or illuminated signs to create your own personal message.

You´ll see that the options to personalize are endless. And in SuperStudio we want to highlight this charming trend. The illuminated letters are everywhere, including in many interior¡ design magazines. They are almost a necessity in any event or celebration.

Illuminated letters to provide a glamorous touch

Its effect reminds us of the antique advertising posters of big shows that were announced in the most important cities worldwide. This nostalgic air makes these illuminated letters transmit a timeless elegance.

The illuminated letters refer us to the glorious era of Hollywood stars, whose style has been fixed forever as an irrefutable sign of distinction. For this reason the illuminated letters are a highly appreciated and valued decorative item. In our extensive catalogue you will surely find the perfect piece that fits with you and your personal décor style.

It is important the illuminated letters of your choice integrate well with the personality of your home. The advantage is that they may be placed in any space: living-room, kitchen, bedroom… they provide a true and genuine vintage touch thanks to the brown colours of the metal structure that simulates a rusty effect and perfectly matches with any chromatic range.

Illuminated letters are the best complement for the coldest months of the year, when daylight is scarce. In spring and summer they are perfect to use in an outdoor space. They may also be used in work spaces, as they bring style and illumination to any space. Ideal items for art studios or design space.