Extendable tables

Not every home is provided with sufficient space to place a large dining table; in small spaces a solution is needed that provides comfort and adaptability at the same time. The extendable square tables are an extremely versatile piece of furniture, and therefore the perfect item for these type of spaces. They become the star-pieces in many dining rooms, living-rooms and kitchens. Thus an essential piece to eat and live in small spaces. The extendable square tables are practical and lasting, perfect to express our style. They also provide character and decoration to a space. In order to complete the decoration of the space, you could either opt for chairs in a similar or a different style.

Extendable square tables

To complete the dining room, extendable square tables is the most practical furniture. Its straight lines and natural colours follow the latest décor trends. They are ideal for spaces that are decorated predominantly in neutral shades or Scandinavian style. Either in minimalist or original décor styles, the extendable square tables are the most versatile solution for your home. When the table is completely folded, it could be used as a console table in the corridor or against an empty wall in the living-room, occupying very little space. And when you need extra space to receive your guests, it is as easy as extend the table until achieving the desired length.

Extendable square tables, a versatile piece of furniture

The extendable square tables or any other shape, are the ideal complement for those homes that are continuously in movement. They are perfect to have extra space available when unexpected guests are coming to your home, or to invite the entire familiy or to have and long after-dinner talks with friends. These type of versatile pieces allows you to adapt it to the needs at any moment. The extendable square tables are the best partner in these situations.

Which type of extendable square table to choose, depends mainly on the shape and size of the room, as well as the style and design of the rest of the furniture. Our collection offers rectangular and square tables with extendable blades that are stored underneath the tabletop. Some extendable square tables even show the inside storage space, very useful and practical to get some order in the room.