Glass tables

Tables are very important elements, capable of completely changing the décor of any room. Amongst all the different sizes, models and materials, the glass table provides a special atmosphere to a space. They create an effect that is ideal for a living room, but also for a bedroom or kitchen.

Glass table

Glass has always been a very durable material with a special finish. Its strength and transparency allow to transmit and fill with beauty any corner in your home. While it is one of the most used materials in everyday life, it is also one of the most naturally stylish elements.

In spite of glass being a very strong material, it does provide a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Living rooms and kitchens sparkle when furnished with a glass table. They perfectly combine in stylish and simple houses, in which the harmony of beauty is tried to be achieved. The use of a glass table is very varied and depending on its size and shape, it may be used as bedside table, outdoor table, side table, dining table, coffee table or kitchen table.

Glass table, elegance in every corner

A glass table is a the most elegant and stylish piece of furniture. They provide a feeling of spaciousness which makes a room visually bigger, because of the reflection of the light. It is very easy to combine them with other pieces of furniture, as they provide elegance and quality with a modern and organized aspect wherever you place it. In order to create a feeling of comfort, the best would be to combine a glass table with furniture made of other materials.

The maintenance of a glass table is easy and with just a small effort, they always have this impeccable aspect. Besides, its unmistakable style makes it an excellent piece for any décor style: minimalist, classic, retro, industrial, vintage, etc. And suitable for any type of space which is why the glass table could be a basic item in the living room: as a side table or dining table, straight lines and simple shapes to provide spaciousness. And in more traditional atmospheres with classic materials and combined with upholstered chair, round shape to place in front of the sofa as coffee table, combining with vivid colours to provide a retro touch or with basic materials to add brightness and softness to the space.

There are so many trends and styles to combine with a glass table and to create a harmonious set. Get inspired by the SuperStudio glass table collection.