Kitchen tables

If your home does not have a dining room, or the space isn´t sufficient to have a breakfast, lunch or dinner area, the kitchen table is your solution. And completing it with kitchen chairs or stools, you will create a unique and very practical space that allows you to spend quality time with your family or friends.

Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is an excellent alternative to a normal dining room table. This doesn´t mean however that they are less practical or comfortable. Quite to the contrary, because in SuperStudio you will find kitchen furniture with incredible designs, offering maximum comfort.

Kitchen Table, a Different Dining Room

If you are aiming to create an original and different dining room, a kitchen table is the perfect option. What makes these kitchen furniture different, is is size and shape. In our collection of kitchen tables you will find pieces with different heights. There are high tables to combine with height adjustable bar stools, or bar stools of the same size. But also tables of a standard height, that may be used with any type of chair.

A kitchen table may have different shapes; round, square or bar shape to create a casual atmosphere, but always comfortable. A table of 80 cm or 90 cm is ideal for small spaces. These pieces may be places in any corner, thus making the most of the available space. In standard size kitchens, a table of 100 or 120 cm would be the perfect option. And in bigger spaces, an extendable table would be the best option.

The visual aspect should remain intact, and it is therefore important to choose a piece that fits perfectly with the home décor. There are tables in different styles: Scandinavian, rustic or industrial, completely made of metal. Find inspiration in our collection of kitchen furniture and equip your home with a practical and attractive element as the kitchen table.