Knitted Cushion Covers

After a long day at work we are longing to to get home and lay back on our sofa. Whether to read, to watch a movie or do some bingewatching. The one thing that cannot be missed in these precious moments are some soft and smooth cushions. These could be soft knitted ones that even increase our feeling of comfort on the sofa, armchair or bed, at the same time completing the design of the room. Besides, there are so many different styles available that it will be no problem at all to find one that fits best with your room.

Knitted cushion covers

Knitted cushion covers are made of a mix of wool and acrycilic fibre. These provide a unique soft touch. In addition, our cushion covers are provided with a zipper that makes it very easy to clean the cover.

Knitted cushion covers, fusion between tradition and design.

The technique of knitted fabric always reminds us of our grandmothers and the scarves that they knitted so as not to get cold. Now this fabric has been evolved up to a a point that they are now considered to be one of the most trendiest textiles. Knitted cushion covers, blankets, bed throws, etc. All these accessories add a stylish, as well as a traditional touch to any space of your home.

Pick your favourite knitted cushion covers among all the available neutral colours, like white, grey, off-white or brown. All these to complete the decoration of any space in your home. Due to its design and neutral shades, we recommend to introduce them in spaces with a rustic, minimalist of Scandinavian style atmosphere, where soft and homogenous colours prevail. To create a more dynamic look SuperStudio opts for a mix of colours and designs of the different cushion cover collections.

Create a unique space with personality and tradition, where you will be able to switch off after a long day at work. Enjoy maximum comfort and a matchless design, thanks to the knitted cushion covers.