Solid wood tables

Solid wood tables with a unique design

Solid wood tables are unique both for their design as for the quality of the materials used for their production. In our category you will find rustic wooden tables in different sizes and colour schemes. All of them with a unique and special touch due to the artisanal production process.

In addition, the solid wood table is no longer a pure rustic piece, but has become a versatile piece of furniture that is easily integrated in any decorative style, whether vintage, Nordic or industrial. Visit our collection of solid wood table and choose the one that best fits with your personal taste and needs.


Types of wood and origin

Walnut wood from Ecuador and Zebrano wood from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea (Africa).


3 coats of primer + 3 coats of wax and 45 days steam-drying.


Thicknesses of wood from 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7.5 cm depending on the model.

Types of resin

Epoxy resin with irrigation method.