Stools for 90 cm bars

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a catering establishment or business premises, is the bar stool. In the first place, it allows customer to sit down comfortably having a quick snack at the bar. But they also create a casual atmosphere and take good use of the available space, which means that more customers could be served.

Bar stool

The bar stools for pubs and coffee shops may be of different styles. And that is why SuperStudio offers a wide variety of models that perfectly adapt to the decoration or design of the space. Catering establishment will find the perfect solution in our store.

Bar stool, an excellent solution for the catering business

The materials that are used for the manufacturing of the bar stool, is mainly wood, plastic and steel. These are resistant and strong materials, which is necessary for the daily use in catering establishments. Different styles are available, and which one you choose depends of the decoration, for example Scandinavian, industrial, modern or rustic.

The bar stool is also a very useful piece of furniture at home, especially when your kitchen is provided with a kitchen bar. Thus, it would really be a good idea to change the traditional chair for a bar stool. It is a fun and colourful decorative option and will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Whichever place you choose, the bar in a pub, the kitchen island, or kitchen bar, the bar stool is the ideal seat and is especially designed to share special moments. The bar stoo height is appropriate 90 cm high bars. And its design and modern style make them exceptionally practial. We are sure that everyone wants to sit on one of!

Upholstered seats, comfortable backs, practical footrests and adequate height to use at a bar, are only some of the qualities that characterize the bar stool. But there´s more: its comfort and practical aspect make it a perfect complement for any home, business premises or catering establishment. There are several designs available, from comfortable soft seats to minimalist steel ones, the possibilities are endless. The typical wooden bar stool has now left the way open to new exciting models that have nothing to do with the simplicity of the first ones. Nowadays, a bar stool can be as glamorous as the place itself and be a focus point that will attract everyone´s attention.