Stools with backrest

In every home there are a great variety of seats: chairs, poufs, sofas, stools… They all have the same purpose, but each one has a different style. But there is one seat that stands out thanks to its elegance and its capacity to combine with different environments: the stools with backrest.

Stools with backrest

Stools with backrest are an essential element in every home or office. They easily adapt to all kinds of spaces and decoration styles, thanks to its versatility. The backrest provides for a correct body position. It also gives extra comfort, which makes them ideal to use in many situations. It is very easy and simple to decorate your home or establishment with this original element. And above all, it may change completely the essence of any environment.

Stools with backrest to decorate any space

Any room in a house is suitable to be decorated with stools, thanks to its versatility. They can be used in any corner, from kitchen to work spaces. At SuperStudio we love decoration that provides this personality, creating a unique and personal atmosphere in any space.

Stools with backrest may be used in any space, but they are asolutely ideal to use in the kitchen. There are many possibilities, for example placing a kitchen bar and complete with stools. The table, in this case, is multifunctional and can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or to serve drinks when organizing a party at home.

It is very easy to decorate a working space in an original and motivating way, thanks to stools with backrest. They provide originality and create a very personal space with high tables that increase productivity.

Create an elegant space in the living room, by placing stools with backrest. They may be the key place to meet with friends or visitors. Likewise, they can be used in a corner as decoration item and this way completely changing the look.

SuperStudio´s collection of stools with or without backrest consists of a great diversity of original and modern designs, of clear and clean lines, created to make life easier for those who need it.

The used material may be as diverse, like aluminium, wood or plastic. This way, they offer endless possibilities. Stools with backrest, a different seat suitable for everyone.

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