Teepee for children

SuperStudiodoesn´t forget about the little ones. Children´s decoration is becoming more and more important. Most of all, because a child´s imagination may be multiplied by thousand finding a tepee tent in his/her bedroom.

The origin of the teepee

The word Teepee comes from Lakota (Sioux) and means “to live”. The teepee was the original nomad´s home in the North America´s prairies. These might be the most useful, comfortable and beautiful of all movable homes that were created up to now… But, the SuperStudio teepee is a unique space to play, especially created for the little ones. A tent that invites children to live their adventures and have hours of fun playing in it. For them it is quite an event to have one these tents where to play and hide. They are ideal to develop their imagination. Especially when you fill them up with cushiones and pillows, which will make them never want to get out agian! If in addition a blackboard and books and tales are added, this will increase their interest in reading and culture.