Wooden Boxes
Wooden decorative boxes are trend. They use to have a highly attractive vintage touch, by imitating the aged effect of wood. These are articles that complete the decoration of a space, and finishing off the highly popular retro style. Vintage is fashionable and we´re sure that this home décor is here to stay for a long time.

Wooden decorative boxes

Wooden boxes remind us of the traditional fruit boxes on the market. It is therefore that they are providing this nostalgic effect. They bring memories of the past, of our childhood, of former “more pure” times. Wood has been replaced by plastic as it is lighter, more flexible and resistant to the daily coming and going on the markets. SuperStudio offers an interesting collection of wooden decorative boxes to provide a personal touch to your home décor. You might want to use them as an improvised shelf, as magazine rack, shoe cabinet, to store accessories or just as another decorative object. This versatility has made these pieces very sought-after by professionals and interior decorators.