Dining tables

Dining table designs are the centerpiece in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The hardest thing is to combine the aesthetic with the practical aspect. Showing good taste and fit them into the environment, y and make them functional, comfortable and durable.

Dining table designs

For decoration lovers, SuperStudio collection offers very interesting possibilities. We have different sizes of tables, round, square, rectangular, with 4-legged base or with a single central support, with original structures, and with a multitude of different materials, that range from glass to aluminum, going by wood and plastics such as ABS or polypropylene.

Before making a decision, think about the way you are going to use it. Is not the same a table for the kitchen office area, where you'll eat daily, that a living room or dining room table for family reunions or celebrations with friends, with more space for a larger number of guests. Any style is valid, provided it keep consistency with the other elements of the room where you are going to place it.

Read on to discover our wide variety of models. We are sure you will easily find the best dining table designs for your home.


Our catalog of dining table designs

In our selection we include models with Nordic design, such as Demiro or Yun table. Others, show a very authentic industrial air, such as the Expedition Vintage table. We focus also on classic French-inspired models, such as Romeo table. Some of them have a strongly contemporary style, mixing glass and metal in their composition, such as Small Pop or Round 120 tables. The latter also has the distinction of being held on a base of legs linked in the middle by a rubber band, as a corsage.

Many of our design dining tables are inspired by the work of highly recognized designers like Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Frank Lloyd Wright or Eero Saarinen. Others have only certain characteristics of famous pieces, such as Tower or Tendar tables. All of them have legs made of metal rods intersecting each other, as in the famous DSW and DAW chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames.

We also have one of the most admired dining table designs, the Cerezo table. It is an elegant, robust piece, made of solid wood, ideal to be integrated in a Victorian style atmosphere. It presents an imposing and fascinating image.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a table that stand out for its visual lightness, we suggest opting for the Glassy or Claro table, made entirely of glass.

We could continue with more models and styles, but we believe it is time that for you discover to discover that by yourself and catch you out with our prices.

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