Door Stickers

Who said that doors are dull and always made of wood? Nowadays, there is no place at home that cannot be personalized or decorated with our personal touch. Using door stickers opens up a complete new world of infinite decoration possibilities.

Door stickers

The most original way to decorate a space and at the same time protecting the doors, is now possible with door stickers that transport us to different places. Decorative stickers are an excellent option to decorate a room. They also provide a special touch to our home. Decorative stickers in different themes allow you to achieve a spectacular effect.

Door stickers, original home decoration

The collection of door stickers consists of an incredible selection of unique adhesives for every décor style. You will come across landscapes of Paradise islands, idyllic beaches, infinite deserts, leafy forests, secret waterfalls, quiet piers, wild seas, flowery fields, classic buildings, fairy tale streets, emblematic cities or animals. You may also find stickers that imitate different types of doors, like a Western Saloon, medieval, metal, brick walls, etc.