Design doormats are a very important decorative element, not only they make more pleasant your entrance but they also are a differentiating detail. Design doormats are the element that completes the decoration of a house, giving that distinguishing touch visible even from outside. They allow us to choose original designs as well as having an indisputable practical function.

Design doormats

Although the concept of doormat for some may seem outdated because it was linked to more traditional forms which are always the same, with the doormats modern designs that SuperStudio offers you and all their original styles you can add an original and unique touch to the entrance of our house.

Design doormats as decorative element

Design doormats are the perfect solution for the entrance but they can also be an intresting option for access to a terrace or garden, adding a welcoming touch. They can also help you adding a pinch of originality and an amusing look at the entrance of your office or business.

Our design doormats offer a great variety of designs, with phrases and different drawings, so you can find the one that best suits your tastes.

As for shapes, the SuperStudio collection of design doormats includes classic, rectangular and crescent shapes, but also fun and light-hearted comic shapes for the most daring. We also have different thinner, thick, long or short hair textures and, of course, different colours and materials. Whatever your choice is, modern doormats will add character and design to your home.

We have models suitable for different uses, some of our design doormat models, for example, due to the versatility of materials such as flannel and sponge, can also be used in the bath, as bathmat. Although their privileged placement is usually in areas of passage and transition between outdoor and indoor environments, for cleaning footwear and keep the other spaces clean.