Chest of Drawers

There is no more hackneyed piece than a chest of drawers. It is the quintessential auxiliary element including drawers from the bottom to the top. Normally we use drawers for clothing, personal items and all kinds of utensils. The sinfonier, dresser or chest of drawers can be placed in any room, especially in master bedrooms and children's rooms.

Chests of drawers

The drawer cabinet adapts to any person, to his clothing or his space making storage easier and approaching his objects. SuperStudio has various styles and sizes of chest of drawers that can be used in any situation, rooms, halls, foyers. Not only they create style but they also add a strong personality to any room with perfect order.

Cabinet drawers, order with personality

In SuperStudio we have a range of chests of drawers in contemporary, vintage, simple and modern style with many different features and functions to suit your needs. Finished in metal or wood, depending on the effects you want to achieved in combination with decoration and the furniture in your workspace.

The chest of drawers is a good solution for different storage problems at home. There are many uses for a chest of drawers, heights may vary, they can even fit under the desk. Drawers have different measures to store a wide variety of items so everithing is at its place. The chest of drawers has different characteristics and many uses in decoration, it can be used as nightstand table, to divide spaces in an elegant way, as cabinet or toilet, as baby changer or to brighten up the hall and corridor areas with a vintage or retro style.

From SuperStudio we invite you to discover the chest of drawers' world, know its different models and start enjoying this versatile furniture.

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