Country Cushions

In any house can’t miss design cushions. Your home is the place that represents you but is also synonymous with comfort. It is important taking care of all things that increase your comfort, for example with a simple but at the same time versatile element as decorative pillows. Thanks to the multitude of styles, textures, colours and patterns available our cushion covers offer endless possibilities.

Flag cushion

Whatever the decor of your home is, surely in SuperStudio catalogue among our nearly 300 different models of cushion covers you will find the perfect design cushions for you. And when you decide to change style, it will be as easy as removing the case and place a new one. They are accessories comfortable in every way.

In this section we focus on the flag cushion, which is very trendy. Travel the world without leaving your couch at home and choose your destiny between our cushion covers with iconic monuments and flags of all countries. There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day of work, and relax on the couch, in our favourite chair or on the bed, leaving our imagination to distant destinations or remembering our vacation and our travels.

The cushions are decorative elements essential to define the style of any room. There are endless possibilities, since in our catalogue you will find options that will allow you to combine this kind of cushions in environments with different types of decoration, from the bright colours of the flags to the more discrete black and white drawings of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York or the London Bridge Tower.

Tips for a perfect decoration

Design cushions are a simple way to revitalize every corner of our house dedicated to relaxation. We also have to recognize that they help create aesthetically very attractive and welcoming atmospheres. However once chosen colours and patterns, it is not always easy to choose how to combine them as it is equally important to balance all the elements.

The ideal number is between three and five cushions. It is always better not to exceed it. In the bedroom you can play mixing neutral colours that combine well with your quilt, or with bold prints. On the sofa, the amount depends on the size, but generally varies between 5 and 7 pieces, whereas is a 2 or 3 seater sofa. While if you have a L-shaped sofa you have to treat each side as if it were a different sofa. In general it is good to remember that odd number of cushion and the combination of different shapes is visually more pleasing, for example by combining squared and rectangular cushions.

About chairs we suggest to use just one cushion, preferably in vertical position. Whereas if you have a bench, depending on its style, you can use even more cushions. In any case you should remember that this is a very personal choice. Design cushions are critical to define the character of a space.