Folding chairs

Design folding chairs are the perfect solution for rooms with limited space and for the hospitality industry. When you are not using them, they can be folded so as occupy less space and allow easy storage. And whenever unexpected guests arrive at your home, or when a simple celebration becomes a party, this will be no problem at all. At least, as to the available seats. You just place a few extra chairsa.

Design folding chairs

However, this practical quality does not have to affect the style. They have to combine with the rest of the decorative elements, maintain the harmony and respect the beauty of the lines. And that is where SuperStudio comes in, to help ou to make the right decision with our selection of design folding chairs.

And if you have a catering business such as a bar, a cafe, or a restaurant, these chairs are the perfect solution. Likewise, if you have a terrace or outdoor area for your customers. This way, you will be able to take more advantage of the available space.

Design folding chairs for outdoor areas

Imagine a warm summer afternoon, sitting on your balcony or in the garden, enjoying a picknick, reading or chatting with a friend. All of a sudden, the sky darkens, clouds clump together and a storm breaks out. The rain is pouring down and you have to react quickly. You pick up clothes, and any object that that can be damaged by water, and if you're cautious, you will have also some plastic to cover tables and chairs. Well done! Everything is safe… or not? Your furniture remained exposed to the weather conditions and got wet? None of this would have happened with the design folding chairs in our catalog. Folding and storing the chairs just take a second and can even be done with just one hand.

Plastic is the material par excellence, but they are also available in wood or metal. There are with smooth surface backrests and seats padded with cushions, so that your moments enjoying the sun will be much more comfortable. Shapes, structures and colors are totally free, as different as their potential users. They just follow the reasons of creativity and good taste.

Design folding chairs are definitely the most practical pieces of furniture. Maximizing their functionality, they serve as extra chairs when necessary. And when folded they take up little space, and theyr are always an ideal solution for outdoor areas.

Enter our section, surprise yourself and take advantage of our discounts to make the most of your home or get more out of your business.

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