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Framed pictures

It is difficult to conceive the decoration of a house without the presence of one or more decoratives frames, whatever the style of the house is. And there isn't any complete home if you don't have pictures that after all are our calling card and a true reflection of our personality and, therefore, a decorative item that can not miss in any respectable home. But sometimes this task can be tough due to lack of time or difficulties in finding the right object. To make it easier, we present these pictures which already brings its wooden frame included. The versatility of framed pictures knows no bounds, they are ideal for any space and even if they seem small they can bring a lot of personality into the chosen corner.

Framed pictures

SuperStudio framed pictures present many options, including the popular original messages full of optimism written in English: “Be positive today”, “Don’t forget to smile”, “Dream big” and “Today is the day”. Framed pictures with black frame are suitable for hanging on the wall of offices, on desktops, in corridors from where they motivate and cheer us every time we look at them.

Framed pictures, lighthearted and fun decor

The measure of framed pictures turns them into a key piece to create spaces with personality and a light-hearted and fun decoration. We love to combine several of them on the same wall creating a mosaic. It provides a personal touch in a very simple way.

Furthermore, they are a very good gift. The original phrases and motives surely will make smile more than one person. And we always say that small details that define the style. You can choose from different models or various combinations.

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