Fun Cushions

A Fun cushion can liven up any home. Your home first of all has to be comfortable, since is where you relieve the daily stress. To rest you have to take care of all the little details able to increase your comfort. Cushions are simple and versatile elements. In SuperStudio catalogue we have nearly 300 different models of cushion covers which thanks to their infinite different combinations of styles, colours, textures and prints offer immense possibilities.

Fun cushion

Either style is the decoration of your home (classic, modern, minimalist, baroque, pop, 60s) and regardless of the predominant colour tones, we are confident that you will find in our selection of cushions the perfect design to add a fun and carefree touch to your home decor.

Our funny cushion selection is ranging from the most classical motifs to more pop designs (as the iconic drawings of Keith Haring), comics superhero, and humanized animals, letters and phrases, celebrities and their caricatures, or a series of very colourful skulls, inspired by the celebrations for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Playing with the combination of different shapes, sizes and models, you'll undoubtedly get a more interesting result. In addition, cushions are comfortable accessories in every way and change of style will be as easy as removing the case and place a new one.

Tips to combine design cushions

If you want to create a cozy aesthetically very attractive atmosphere, design cushions are your key ally. In fact it is a simple way to revitalize your living room, bedroom, terrace or any other corner of the house dedicated to relaxation. Although it is not always easy to get good results, because it’s very important to choose the right colours and prints but also know the basic rules for balance and unity between the different parts.

For instance, it’s good to remember not to exceed the number of cushions on the bed. To avoid falling into excess, we recommend that the number of cushions ranges between three and five cushions. You can mix neutral colours that match everything with a pinch of colour or a fun design, but also in this case you should be very careful so that the overall picture doesn’t lose its balance. The same rules also apply to the sofa, although in this case the number of cushion can reach up to 7, if you have a 3-seater sofa. If your sofa is L-shaped, remind yourself to think of each side as if it were a different sofa and the general rule of thumb cushions: they are always visually more pleasing odd numbers and the combination of different shapes .

You can play by combining rectangular and square shapes, with touch of more fun or more neutral design. Surely among all possibilities offered by SuperStudio catalogue you will find the combination that will change decisively the character of the spaces of your home, adding a very personal touch.