Acrylic rugs

Break with the monotonous aesthetics of your home with our geometric rugs. Rugs are not only just a simple decorative element. These items are essential to create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home.

Geometric rugs

What makes geometric rugs different from other rugs is its impecable design and the mix of color shades. These qualities make it a unique piece and easy to integrate in any decorative style.

Provide colour to your minimalist of retro style living room, dining room or bedroom. Add a fresh touch that makes your home a matchless relaxing space. Vivid colours and the geometric shapes make it the real eye-catchers in any home.

Geometric rugs, a trendy style.

The retro, minimalist or pop style are three clear trends of the 21st century. Textiles are getting more and more different in shapes and colours, which allows them to introduce a counterpoint in the home decoration. Nowadays people are looking for unique and personal decorations. And therefore we mix shapes and lines to create a unique space that adapts to our personal taste. Its has never been so easy to achieve this result as with geometric rugs. In our collection of rugs you will definitely find the one that best fits with your decoration. And at the same time creating a very personal space in your home.

Our geometric rugs are made of acrylic fiber. This material is similar to wool, but with certain advantages. It is wasy to be cleaned, and therefore does not need a demaning maintenance; and it is also resistant to fungus and moths, which increases its durability over time.

Within our collection of rugs you will find pieces that can be used in any type of room, because of its style or size. Choose your favourite rug and fill any room in your home with vitality.