SuperStudio offers a helping hand when it comes to decoration and to give a unique touch to your home. Home textile however, is one of the elements that we least think about. And the truth is that these bring life to a home and define the décor style. The importance is in the details, giving personality to a home, feeling different sensations in each one of its corners, and making us feel at ease.

Home textile

To dress your home, opt for our top quality home textile. Our textile products not only are beautiful items, they are also made of quality materials and show good taste. Our range of home textile contains articles of different character. You will come across an extensive catalogue of bed sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads and throws. Both for the adult´s bedroom as well as the children´s room, with a softness that will make your nightrest more pleasant. You will also find rugs, doormats, tapestries and table cloths. Within this range of home textile you will discover unique items that will make your home absolutely charming. In any case, it is essential to carefully choose the shades of the home textile, assuring that they are in tone with the room´s decoration. Just putting a lively cushion or draping a throw on the sofa, can have a huge effect on the look of a space. And not only on the sofa in the living room, the same will happen in other rooms, like the bedroom. Changing a textile complement often feels like having changed the complete decoration of a space, with the advantage that you may change it as often as you want. An even more sensational effect could be achieved with a proper distribution of the lighting in the room.

Comfort and decoration with home textile

Although we use to put emphasis on the furniture when it comes to decoration, the truth is that without the proper textile, the final result doesn´t have the necessary decorative value. The trends in home textile are changing rapidly. Some items are in vogue for some seasons, while others are decoration classics. Some other textile trends have just appeared and are likely to stay on top for the next years. Geometric prints, animal prints, plants and flowers, pastel shades, gloss effects, etc… As much variety as beauty, you will be able to decorate your bedroom or living room in any possible home décor style. Let your imagination run free and get inspiration with our catalogue to mix and match home textile, colours, textures and finishes. You can´t even begin to imagine the enormous decorative possibilities!

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