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Warmth and elegance are joined in our section of home textiles. SuperStudio has a wide selection of design rugs to dress the floors of your home or office, as well as a varied collection of cushion covers, including all current decoration trends.

Home textiles

In our broad selection of rugs, there are all kinds of different sizes, colours, prints, shapes and materials. You will therefore definitely find the one that best fits in your living room, your bedroom, the foyer or reception of your hotel or office, etc. There are rugs with a classical inspiration, but also fashionable items like the Extended or the Losanges models. The latter is a reinterpretation of the traditional Persian rug made with handmade kilim technique and Afghan origin wool. Some of them have succumbed to more innovative manufacturing methods, such as the Luna rug, with a high-definition satellite in growing phasee printed on the wool. Other demonstrate their modernity in the raw material and in their concern for the environment. This is the case of the Bicicleta rug. It is made of 130 to 140 yet non-functional bicycle tires air chambers. In this way, they have been recycled and regained a useful life. The result is a very original rug, with an innovative and fluffy texture. And we could continue with nearly hundreds of models in our catalogue.

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Cushions are another inescapable complement among home textiles. It is the element that provides real comfort on your sofa or your bed, essential to comfortably enjoy reading a good book, watching a movie, relaxing after a hard day at work or just having a chat with family or friends. But they can also provide a unique style. Our cushion covers includes the most original designs you can find: geometrical, floral and pop patterns, phrases, flags, Gru characters turned into your favourite superheroes, animals humanized in famous singers or actors, cities, etc. The problem is not finding the one you like, but… that you will like them all! And when you want to change your home décor, it would be as easy as replacing a cushion cover with another one. Home textile items are designed to create cosy and aesthetically attractive atmospheres. These aspects strongly influence our mood and we must take them into account when decorating the spaces where we live or work.