We perfectly know that in a home or business furniture decorative elements are not everything, there are many more objects for everyday use but not because of this they should be less stylish. In SuperStudio we want to help you also with this goal, therefore we present a homeware collection you'll definitely enjoy.


Homeware is the whole of those accessories so necessary in every home or business to make everyday tasks but practicality shouldn't be at odds with design. For instance a bottle opener doesn't need to be a boring object, it can be useul but at the same time also so glamorous that we want to show it.

Homeware, a mixture of utility and design

Within our collection of homeware we can find many household objects such as jars, baskets, bottle holders, cutting boards, paper bins, seasonings, set of cups, trays, shakers, fruit bowls, magazine racks, decanters, bowls, cans, coffee pots, ashtrays, centerpieces, buckets, toothpick holders, plates, protectors, corkscrew, placemats, salt and pepper shakers, plugs, toasters, fans and so on. But all these objects have one common point, they are not any objects but in addition they provide extra design and personality to your home or business.

A great example of stylish homeware is the MANDARÍN juicer, with its original design, ALESSANDRO corkscrew, with the shape of a Santa Claus, CHIN BANANA toothpick or BANANA BAND spice shaker, shaped as funny monkeys.

Whatever are you looking for surely in SuperStudio we have a solution perfectly suitable to your needs. All our homeware combines originality and at the same time practicity. Dare to be innovative and surprise your guests with fun gadgets and everyday objects. Design is in the details.