Plant pots and Baskets
We love outdoor decoration, especially the garden decoration. Plant pots and baskets not only provide an innovating touch, but they also create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Illuminated plant pots are a perfect combination of decoration and functionality, and we can use them both indoor and outdoor. In this category of our online shop, you will find for example models with incorporated LED lights to decorate and to create a different space.

Fashionable plant pots and baskets

Plant pots allow us to create gardens and terraces with a very different style, pleasant and cosy, characterizing the place and providing it with special essence. The modern design and personality of our models offer a modern and classy decoration at daytime and a relaxed chill-out atmosphere at night.

Decorative plant pots and baskets, creating unique environments

At SuperStudio we have several models of plant pots in different sizes and designs. Choose our outdoor models to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor decoration or baskets to create a more bohemian style. Plant pots are very original elements to give your plants a stylish look. Choose between a great variety of models, the ones that fit best in your home decoration: square, oval, cylinder shape or planters.. Liven up the entrance of your home or the swimming pool area, use them to separate different spaces in the garden or to simply decorate an indoor or outdoor area. It has never been so easy to provide a stylish and classy look. The plant pots are ideal to use in any space.