Lift-Top Tables

Lift top coffee tables are no doubt the best option for your living room. We all know that a comfortable sofa makes us lazy persons. And that’s why it is fundamental to have a practical and functional coffee table to enjoy maximum comfort in this part of the living room where so much time is spent.

And what if we tell you that the perfect coffee table indeed exists? SuperStudio´s lift top coffee tables will become your real BFF. Lay down, relax and open the lift top coffee table so that every everything you need, like the remote control, your smart phone, etc. is within reach.


If you still haven´t found the ideal coffee table for your living room, you´re lucky, because we have what you´re looking for: a lift top coffee table to complete your sofa area. Lift top coffee tables are a clear example of what a functional table must be. Thanks to the mechanism that allows you to lift the table top, you may adapt the height to your needs.

Doing some serious bingewatching, but those popcorns seem to be so far away? Laziness takes over the body and allows little more than lifting the arm. And this is where our lift top tables come in. Just lift the table top and adapt it to the necessary height. This way you won´t even have to sit up to get the object you need. This practical piece of furniture is also excellent to enjoy those “meals in front of the TV”. Adapt the height to your needs and have your meal sitting on the sofa in a snug way. Besides, our lift top coffee tables all have a space inside to store those objects that are always lying around in the living room.


A very important aspect to take into account is the design of the lift top coffee tables. It is not just a matter of searching cheap coffee tables that don´t exactly match your taste. A good lift top table needs to comply with the following requirements: functionality, quality and design. And that is exactly what you will find in SuperStudio.

Our lift top tables are perfect to integrate in any decoration type. We have chosen simple designs in clear shades, so that they are all easily to integrate in any space. Scandinavian style is top trendy, but if you have opted for any other home décor style such as bohemian or vintage, these tables will also be a perfect match with the rest of the furniture. If you have decided to buy the perfect lift top table for your home, then this is your lucky day because you have come to the right place.