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Creative lighting

In SuperStudio we have the latest trends in decoration. And lighting letters are the ultimate trend with that mix of vintage industrial style and the extra amount of light they provide. There is no better complement to the coldest and with less light season of the year.

Lighting letters

There are lighting letters everywhere, interior design magazines already surrendered to the entrancing effect of this singular element. And they are almost a necessity in any event or celebration. Without forgetting modern houses or art studios or design spaces.

Lighting letters for a very chic effect

Their effect reminds us the old billboards of the big shows advertised in the major cities of the world, with that air of nostalgia, fantasy and light, it turns lighting letters into complements of very retro decor.

Lighting letters have a touch of timeless elegance thanks to the glamor of Hollywood stars which makes them highly valued and appreciated in the decoration. In our catalog not only we have illuminated letters, but we also have symbols such as arrows, stars, ats and love messages. We are sure you will find the perfect piece that suits you, your style and your home.

Lighting letters and other mural decoration with lightes are a very effective option to impregnate your home with that magic they show. It is important that the piece you choose would be part of the personality of the house, the good news is that we can place them in any room: living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms… They provide a very authentic vintage touch thanks to brown wireframe that simulates the rusty effect and combines perfectly with any color range.

We can't stop thinking about the lighting letters also in workspaces or interspaces and, of course, celebrations.

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