Wall metal plaques

In SuperStudio we have a wide selection of printed metal plaques in vintage style. They amount to almost 300 different models with different sizes and patterns.

Metal plaques

They are ideal to be hanged on walls, doors and windows, to be placed on top of floating shelves, racks, cabinets,etc. A small detail that immediately will revitalize the walls of your house, bar, restaurant or cafe.

In our collection of metal plaques you will find characters like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, James Dean or Bob Marley. Super heroes, advertisements of Damm beer, Jack Daniel’s whisky or the irresistible Coca Cola. There are also flags, pictures of cities, of the most famous Italian motorcycle, Vespa, and the legendary US route 66. Images of pin-ups signed by famous artists,  fruits, cars and even old posters of the Fair of Seville.

With such a great variety, it is impossible not to find something that matches with the rest of the decoration of the place where you want to place it. Rather, you will face the opposite problem. Choosing among all the models you like.

Metal plaques in vintage style

Metal plaques gives off a nostalgic air of the past, when posters, advertisements, posters and all kinds of information were embodied in heavy materials. That so authentic vintage touch turns them into the ideal piece to introduce a retro touch in any room.

Enthusiasts of this type of decorative plaques, appreciate that very deteriorated appearance, produced over the years. For this reason, many of ours metal plaques, mimic on their edge this natural oxidation and wear. They show small imperfections, it makes them even more attractive.

The key to decorating with metal plaques, is to keep consistency with the other elements of the environment. Despite their small dimensions, their intense character can make a decisive impact on the overall style.

Dare to mix different sizes and drawings, but without overloading the composition. It creates a warm, original distribution, without saturating the walls. Let them breathe as well. Or you can opt for a single frame, and place it in the focal point of the room. It should be combined with the predominant colors of the space. Thus, at first sight it intensifies the chromatic sensation of the place.

Metal plaques add magic to that surface smooth and forgotten for such a long time. They can also be a very original and funny gift.