Mirror wall stickers

We know the very effective power of decorative adhesive wall stickers in our home and all the possibilities that they can offer in a few minutes and with a quick and easy installation on any smooth surface. But in SuperStudio we love design and trendy items and that is why we would like to introduce to you our collection of mirror wall stickers, a stylish solution which can give much play on those boring walls where you want to make a change.

Mirror wall stickers

Versatile and stylish mirror wall stickers have the ability to transform a room completely. They are a simple but effective decoration idea. As its surface is reflective and has a mirror effect They are very effective in the hall, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, corridor, etc.

Mirror wall stickers, a world of possibilities

Mirror wall stickers can be placed on any place you like, seperately or making combinations, the possibilities offered are endless. They string along with any home decoration both minimalist and classic and do not saturate the environment bringing a really special touch to the room where they are placed.

We can find different mirror stickers with different shapes, sizes and styles. From simple geometric shapes to build your own combination up to animal figures, objects, transport, and so on, which make our imagination run free. Designs and styles are very varied and for all tastes, both for adults and children.

With SuperStudio mirror wall stickers you have a range of endless possibilities to decorate your home with style, glamour and imagination. Get a special decorative effect in any room of your home giving it personality and bringing a very personal touch, surely mirror wall stickers won't leave anyone indifferent.