A modern bookcase is a very practical and, especially, a very functional piece of furniture, as it allows you to store books, commonly used objects or decorative items such as bowls, candles, cups, vases…

Modern bookcase

The great versatility of a modern bookcase makes it suitable both for a work area or to set up a library. And if we focus on the shelf itself as an element which completes the overall decoration, a modern bookcase can have many aspects, depending on the material, design, your personal budget and décor style.

A modern bookcase can have a contemporary or minimalist design, and should not be overloaded with books in order to maintain the pure lines. You may opt for a large horizontal and parallel shelves in the same colour, or similar to the colour of the wall. Another option is a wall mounted shelve that increases the feeling of visual lightness.

If your house has high ceilings or a loft-style apartment, it would be a good idea to use a modern shelf from floor to ceiling with a closed lower part to store other objects besides books. A bolder option would be to place modern wooden or glass shelves and play with different colours or shapes (shelves with geometric shapes).

Modern bookcase adapted to each environment

In SuperStudio we have a collection of modern shelves in innovative, original and vintage style which combine various materials such as wood, glass and aluminium. Their shapes are very original, from square to rectangular cubes, L-shaped floating or tower or cascade. A modern bookcase will provide a very special touch to any corner and may transform a simple wall into a lively spot.

A modern shelf allows you to create a very stylish home décor. It´s all about providing a glamorous touch to the wall and go from a simple functional shelf to a modern and stylish one. It is very easy to decorate a modern bookcase: inject some colour by placing pictures, books, boxes or baskets.

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