Modern rugs are very important decorative elements, which complete and provide a feeling of quality to a room but, at the same time, they are also a distinguishing detail. Modern rugs are a great resource for decorating living rooms or bedrooms and add a distinctive touch without having to spend too much. They allow us to choose a stunning design and offer a surface that becomes the focus of the room.

Modern rugs

Although the concept of a rug has been a bit dated because it was linked to classic and antique rugs, the modern rugs that offers SuperStudio in many original styles, the look of a room will change in an incredible way.

Modern rugs as decorative element

Rugs allow to mark different areas in the same environment when a room is very large. For example in the living room where a rug allows us to mark the living area by integrating it with the floor surface. It is ideal to create a reading corner differentiating it from the rest of the dining room.

Modern rugs are also suitable in the bedroom to mark the area of the bed, placing rugs on each side of the bed or one large rug that sticks out on both sides of the bed.

Another recommended place to use modern rugs is the entrance hall, usually an empty space where shoes are rubbed off so as not to dirty the floor of the living room. Or you might even place one in a the kitchen if the kitchen floor is equal as the rest of the floors.

When it comes to designs and shapes, SuperStudio´s modern rugs collection includes all kinds of styles: squared, rounded, rectangular, irregular, thin or thick, low pile or high pile, and of course, in many different colours. Whatever your final choice may be, modern rugs always add character and design to your home.

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