Modern carpets are a very important decorative element, which complete and give quality to aroom but, at the same time, they are also a distinguishing detail. Modern carpets are a great resource for decorating living rooms or bedrooms and add a distinguishing touch without spending too much money. They allow us to choose stunning design and offer a surface that becomes the focus of the room.

Modern carpets

Although the concept of carpet has been a bit dated because it was linked to classic and antique carpets, with the modern carpet that SuperStudio offers you and all their original styles we change the room in an incredible way.

Modern carpets as decorative element

Modern carpet allow to frame different areas in the same space when the room is very big. This is the case of the living room where moderns carpets allow us to frame the living area by integrating under the same floor or create a corner to differenciate the reading place from the rest of the room.

Modern carpets are also suitable in the bedroom to frame the bed area, both with two carpets on each side of the bed or with a large one protruding on both sides of the bed.

Another recommended site where using modern carpets it is at the entrance, it is usually an empty place where you clean your shoes not to mess up the living room floor. Even in the kitchen, they can be a good idea if you have there the same floor as the rest of the house.

As designs and shapes, SuperStudio modern carpets collection includes all styles: squared, rounded, rectangular, irregular, thin or thick shapes, qith long or short hair and, of course, in different colors. Whatever your choice is, modern carpets add character and design to your home.

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