At SuperStudio we have a wide range of modern chairs, design classics, contemporary creations, Nordic pieces, pop art, Bauhaus style, etc. There are many options so that everyone will be able to find the most appropriate one in each style.

Modern chairs

The chair is definitely the piece of furniture with most personality. It can speak for itself of the residents of a house. For this reason, it has been the obsession of designers and architects throughout history. Since the beginning of the 20th century, they have adventured using other materials than the traditional ones used in furniture construction like plastic and metal materials for industrial use: polypropylene, ABS, polyethylene, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, etc. This resulted in structures, colours and textures that were unknown until then. Before, there were hardly any possibilities of choice. The handicraft production of chairs moved between the functional sobriety to serve the most disadvantaged classes, and baroque structures with excessive ornamentation to demonstrate the position of the more affluent classes. By using new materials, an important step had been made towards a renewed conception of this piece of furniture. Freshness was added to its lines and innovative ideas were introduced in its composition, providing the chair with the modernity typical of the changing times.

Our catalog of modern chairs

The modern chairs are no longer only well-defined elements for just one single use. Now, besides being useful and comfortable, they should aspire to become almost art works. In our catalog you will find the Modern Classics, which are essential to any decoration lover: the Phantom chair, the Tower chair, the Neo chair, the Didi chair, the Barcelona chair… and a large etcera of the models that have achieved an indisputable position in the history of vanguard design. We have also included the most eye-catching current ones and those who mark the latest trends in interior design. Whether it is about a dining chair, a comfortable armchair for our reading corner or a chaise longue for the living room, we all need a cozy place to relax. And this is as much as important when we talk about work. Therefore we also offer a great variety of modern office chairs, very comfortable and which easily adapts to the user´s needs. You can now discover our section of modern chairs and you will see for yourself how easy it is to find the perfect piece for your home, business of office space. Enjoy a good rest, without abandoning good taste, and with incredible discounts.
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