Shelves and shelving units have a double function: they are practical and at the same time aesthetical items. They allow us to place books, ornamental figures, common elements and all types of accessories like bowls, candles, vases, cups…

Different styles of shelves

The shelves that you will find in our online decoration shop have a modern, vintage or minimalist style, and they always have a very original design. At SuperStudio we offer numerous models with different designs: some in the shape of a vintage suitcase, others in a geometric shape or in industrial style. A great variety that satisfies all needs and which allows you to choose the pieces that best suit with your style and requirements.. We have made an effort to create an original and innovating selection that combines different materials like wood, glass and metal. Modern shelves always provide a special touch, transforming a simple wall in a lively place.

Modern and vintage style shelves

Shelves are ideal items to create personal nooks at home. Although we recommend not to place too many objects on the shelf, in order to maintain the purity of lines. It is quite common to choose models in the same colour as the wall or similar to it. But if you are looking for a more fresh and striking result, we would recommend to combine pieces with different finishes and shapes.. If the ceilings of your house are high or if you live in a loft, it would be an excellent idea to place high shelving units that occupy a large part of the wall. In the working space it could be very useful to create a sort of library. Another option would be to choose modern glass shelves or shelving units and mix and match different colours and shapes in line with the rest of the furniture. Whichever the way you use them, shelves always provide your walls with an original touch. Besides, they allow you to have additional space to store and have at hand those objects that you need frequently. However, you should not only look at the practical part. Its aspect allows you to create unique and characterful home decorations..
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